Briko Gives You Opportunity.

What Makes Briko Different?


We have listings that we let our agents market to grow their business through exposure.


We deliver leads. Not generic leads, specific targeted buyer leads in your market area.


We provide all the tools to work effectively including a website, FollowUp Boss, and DotLoop.


We show you how to grow your business through training and relevant experience.

We Have Listings

Briko Realty Services receives listings from several sources: REO / HUD, iList Technology, Referrals, and CWCOT

Whether you are a new agent or a seasoned broker, listings are gold in the real estate world. Listings are more than just the commissions on that property – a listing is an opportunity. An opportunity for leads of new Sellers, new Buyers, Open Houses, Physical Market exposure and a platform for online and social media marketing.

We want you – your team – your agents to use our listings to grow your business.

"Listings are more than just the commissions on that property – a listing is an Opportunity."
-Joe Peterson

"Leads from buyers or sellers are what give you or your team the daily opportunity - what you put into it you will get out of it 10x."
-Joe Peterson

Briko Realty Services wants to give you leads.

We utilize our listings and online presence to generate volume leads. We do not want them – we want you and or your team to have them.

Use them to build a pipe line that will pay off for years to come.

Briko Realty Services Lead sources:

  • Sign Calls from Listings
  • Text Capture from Listings
  • Online Marketing –Add Words
  • Facebook targeted campaigns
  • Internal Sales agents
  • Actual Sellers – Yes, when they sell they need to buy

Briko Realty Services provides every agent with the tools they need.

By utilizing the industry best tools at a company level we can offer these to our agents, brokers and team leads to ensure you have the ability to capture the opportunity provided.

Tools Briko Realty Service Gives Agents and Brokers:

  • Company Website designed for Leads
  • Top Agent Now Network – Feature you in markets to buyers and sellers
  • CRM system – internal CRM as well as Follow Up Boss Platform
  • DotLoop for contracts, listings and Offers
  • iList Technologies

"Listings and Leads are great but pointless unless you can manage them real time."
-Joe Peterson

"We understand tools and technology are new – but they are also the way to grow in real estate – once you are complacent with what you have you are going backwards."
-Joe Peterson

We are here to help.

One on one Training or Team / Office Trainings are available. We realize our technology partners might be new or different, but we have chosen them for a reason – they are the best at what they do.

We want to show you Opportunity - receive leads, manage leads and the seamlessly create offers - all from the palm of your hand if you like.

Commissions Agent and Broker friendly commission plans that reward the agent.

Briko Realty Services Plans

Want to Join a Team?

  • Leads
  • Website
  • Follow Up Boss Account
  • DotLoop Account
  • $99 per month (E&O included)

Want to be a Team Leader?

  • Leads
  • Website
  • Follow Up Boss Account
  • DotLoop Account
  • Control your Team Splits
  • Have 5 agents
  • $99 per month (E&O included)

Want to be a Basic Agent?

  • DotLoop Account
  • $450 Transaction Fee
  • $99 per month (E&O included)
Are you ready to get more from your broker? Get Started!

Get Started Today

Please fill out the form and we will contact you as soon as we can with answers to any questions you might have about becoming part of the Briko team.

If you would rather speak with someone please don't hesitate to call Briko at (877) 404-7204.



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